ProCure21 case study

Case study pack

NHS and ProCure21
(CDS, 2008 & 2009)

Brief: Annual case study pack showcasing the best NHS new builds and refurbs managed by ProCure21. Design must be crisp, clean, professional, appeal to health professionals and construction contractors alike, and highlight key advantages and savings.

The cover needs to show the actual building, but hospital facades are often dull and industrial looking. So the covers require interesting cropping, cut outs, overlaid interior shots, pull quotes, and other typographical treatments to make them pleasing and appealing.

Often there is minimal imagery available until the build is complete, at which point the contractor usually provides a full professional photoshoot. So the design has to be able to make the most of any high quality showcase photographs available, but also work with heavily photoshopped snapshots of the work in progress if not.

The layouts of the 4pp A4 case studies need to be consistent so a reader can compare like to like, but flexible enough to bring out the best or most significant features of each project.