T2100 consultation series

T2100 consultation documents collection

Environment Agency (Thames)
(CDS, 2009)

Brief: Design and lay out the consultation document and full suite of supporting documents for the launch of the T2100 Thames Estuary flood defences consultation. All materials must conform to Environment Agency brand.

All the documents surrounding the consultation and launch event share the same basic cover image, showing the Thames and a series of riverside landmarks, both in order to work as a suite, and so that they are instantly recognisable as being London/Thames related. The different types of document (public, technical, maps) etc are all colour coded.

Since many people mainly want to know how the plan affects their own local area, an integrated series of maps and colour coded page navigation allows the reader to easily pinpoint each action zone and subzone.

Internally, the document must pull a lot of different types of information together in a clear and logical fashion, and overall needs a simple, clean, technical feel. Framing each page with a keyline gives the document consistency while still allowing the flexibility to lay out different pages in the most comprehensible manner.

This was a mammoth job, due to both tight deadlines and the sheer bulk of information involved. A small team of us worked several all-nighters and weekends checking and cross-checking facts and references to ensure it went out correct and on time.