Cut It Out campaign

Anti-social behaviour awareness campaign

Northamptonshire Police
(Tender – CDS, 2010)

Brief: Campaign to raise public awareness of police progress in tackling anti-social behaviour. Illustrative or text-based, focussing on statistics showing reduced crime figures and witness testimonies.

Coming under the general umbrella of the 'Targetting not tolerating' campaign the additional strapline 'Together we're getting there' reinforces the positive message of 'something is being done' while encouraging public involvement.

'We're cutting it out' as a specific campaign message plays with the visual pun of criminal activity literally being cut out and removed from the scene. An alternative treatment uses the cut-out image as part of an infographic style treatment of the relevant crime statistics.

Alternative text option uses the witness testimony as a single line of text to outline an appropriate image (terraced housing representing nuisance neighbours).