Clinical Ops

Joint Forces Guidelines for Clinical Operations

Ministry of Defence (MOD)
(CDS, 2009)

Brief: Consolidate all the Joint Forces clinical guidelines into a single clear, easy-to-navigate document, for use in theatres in live combat arenas. Must be able to insert or remove pages at any time, to keep all medical information fully up to date. Therefore navigation cannot rely on page numbers.

The biggest design challenge for the team was coming up with a workable navigation system, especially since the finished document was 300 pages long. Our solution was to break the document into colour-coded sections, and these sections into numbered subsections, and so on, each identified by a colour-coded lozenge on the top right corner of each spread. Cross referencing within the text is indicated by showing the relevant lozenge, rather than a page number.

Clarity and legibility was the second main challenge. All action tables and flow charts fit on a single page and can be read at a glance, even on a half-scale black and white photocopy.

Also includes medical illustrations, transport schematics, and tactical positioning diagrams, as well as an icon set highlighting personnel and equipment requirements at each stage.