UKCES report covers

Unified series of covers
for a set of 10 reports

UK Commission for Employment
and Skills (UKCES) (CDS, 2010)

Brief: Create a cover style for a new series of ten reports. Must be fresh, contemporary and use UKCES fonts and colour palette.

We explored various routes for this report series, as the client was torn between something very stripped back and neutral, and very bright and contemporary. There was also some discussion as to whether the reports needed to appear identical, or whether they needed to each be uniquely identifiable while still remaining part of a set. We also provided options allowing a report to be identified numerically as 'one of ten', 'six of ten' etc purely based on the cover image.

Since there were a lot of people involved in the decision making process, providing what was sometimes contradictory feedback, it was very useful to be able to provide scamps rather than mocking up finished covers each time.

The final design uses coloured block, which both represent a mathematical series and also resemble a staircase, playing on the concept of 'progression'.