Pension Credit national campaign

National Pension Credit awareness campaign

Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) (CDS, 2009)

Brief: National advertising campaign targeted at those who qualify for Pension Credit, but don't claim it. Developed around the tagline 'My Pension Credit means I still can.'

The target audience for this campaign is pensioners who never investigate Pension Credit as they don't like 'handouts' and are 'proud to make do', but are nevertheless feeling the pinch. Therefore the words and images centre around the idea of Pension Credit allowing them to remain independent without leaning on anyone financially (especially family).

The scenarios used are carefully selected to include important basic needs for the elderly, but phrased to sound more like a 'little treat', so that claiming and using Pension Credit feels more like an added extra than a state benefit, and as such is far more palatable to the audience.

The use of photography creates the instant connection of being addressed by a 'real' person. The illustrated backdrops complement this with a more wistful 'thoughts and dreams' approach, playing on feelings of 'I'd love to do that if only I had the money' without explicitly stating it. The images used are all upbeat and positive – even the broken washing machine is in the process of being mended.