JNCC Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2007–8
Annual Report 2008–9

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) (CDS)

JNCC Annual Report 2008–9
WINNER IoIC Award of Excellence

Brief: Flagship publication highlighting the work done by JNCC over the past year. Client is always looking for something original, unexpected and thought-provoking, especially in treatment of covers.

The theme for the 2007–8 report was the dilemma of biofuel as a renewable energy sources. The lush green palm leaf on the cover opens up to reveal the shock image of the ape in flames. (Orangutans' native rainforest habitats are under great threat from slash and burn clearance for palm oil plantations.) The holes in the cover are laser-cut rather than die-cut, and use of a heavy coated paper stock means the scorch marks caused by the process are clearly visible on the inside.

The theme for the 2008–9 report was offshore sites of special scientific interest. In order to make the most of the underwater photography, the cover was printed in hexachrome, adding extra depth to the ocean blues. In addition, the orange ink was swapped out for a fluorescent orange, so the orange starfish almost glows, like some other-worldly alien creature.

The inner pages always offer the opportunity to work with some stunning nature photography, and it is important that the design makes the most of this. However the picture captions are always very long – effectively case studies – and so need to fit in neatly without interrupting the main text flow.