Nanotech image

Nanotechnology illustration

Farfield Scientific Ltd, 2007

Modelled in Lightwave, recreated in Illustrator as fully scalable vector

Brief: Create a fully-scalable vector illustration that represents the company's work in the field of nanotechnology. Must complement the existing image of a protein molecule (representing biotech).

The company specialises in surface reactants, so rather than go for something very iconic like a carbon nanotube, I opted for a molecular plane with outcropping chains.

The image has to work at all scales from web icon to billboard advert. So while I developed the structure using a 3D model, I created the final image entirely in illustrator. All the 3D effects and shadows are created by means of gradient meshes, overlaid with gradient-meshed transparency masks.

Building the illustration up by creating and repeating symbols reduced the overall file size, as well as saving time (and cost to the client). It also means I could tweak the illustration as a whole by changing the symbol, allowing me to get the best colour match to the biotech image, and optimum contrast overall.