Post-it Pete

Calderdale Way characters

Calderdale Council
(CDS, 2008)

Original pencil sketch scanned, inked and coloured in Illustrator, later illustrations composited in Photoshop

Brief: Create a lead character and supporting cast to illustrate the Calderdale Way project management training portal (see below),

The character of 'Peter the Project Manager' is a friendly everyman guide, who together with his loyal team works through the training programme alongside the user. He was quickly adopted by council employees, renamed 'Post-it Pete', and appears in many internal communications.

To cut drawing time and reduce costs to the client, the character has been designed from the start to be assembled using a flexible face template. Switching in different mouths, glasses/eyes, and hair quiffs gives a wide range of emotions, while keeping the face consistent throughout.

The initial illustrations were simple fluid 'ink' outlines, with hints of colour used as highlights. With the next round of publications, the client requested a brighter 'more contemporary' style, so later illustrations include textures and photographic elements, together with a 'pencil' line and 'paper cut-out' look.

Click here to see the illustrations in use in the Calderdale Way interactive PDF training portal series