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Conceptual economic process illustrations for "Towards Ambition 2020"

UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) (CDS,2009)

Drawn directly into Illustrator, developed from original pencil scamps

Brief: These illustrations were part of a job designing and laying out the 'Towards Ambition 2020' report. The report contained some complex economic theories, and the illustrations were required to clarify these concepts for the public.

We were involved in this report fairly early on in the process, while the ideas were still being refined. This meant I needed to work very closely with the client in developing the illustrations and working out exactly what they should say, sketching out rough concepts during meetings as visual metaphors were discussed and developed.

The report is a consultation document, so the illustrations have a rough, pencil-sketched look to reflect the 'under development' nature of the ideas, while still retaining an appropriate crisp, clean and professional feel overall. The simple blank-faced characters are designed to give an iconic 'everyman' feel, avoiding any one gender, race, or age group.