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Riverbank illustration (habitat & resource)

Environment Agency (Anglian)
(CDS, 2008)

Drawn directly into Illustrator

Brief: Create an original, on brand illustration, showing the balance between water as a human resource and a natural environment. Must be appropriate to the Anglian region, positive in tone, and flexible enough to work across a range of products.

The illustration is designed to work as one long complete image, but also breaks down easily into vertical blocks, each containing at least one 'natural' and one 'human' element.

Using separate grouping and layers within the Illustrator document also means that different aspects of natural or human activities can be isolated. This modular approach means the image can be easily adapted to exactly illustrate a specific subject, be that water treatment, dragonfly breeding, or even 'the effects of water treatment on dragonfly breeding populations'.

The image uses only the the four blue colours within the Environment Agency palette. It can also be easily recoloured to any of the brand's four different colourways, meaning products can be colour-coded, and allows the option of spot colour print.

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