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Character illustrations

Environment Agency (NE)
(CDS, 2010)

Drawn directly into illustrator, working from source photography

Brief: Set of illustrated characters developed for the Induction pack PDF (see below).

The characters need to be friendly, approachable looking, not too 'cartoony' and reflect the Agency's inclusion policy. All characters have to be seen to be setting a positive example at all times, including appropriate clothing and equipment.

As the PDF is a new starter's first introduction to the Agency, it has to set its own good example by remaining completely on brand, so illustrations are limited to colours in the Environment Agency palette.

To keep costs down, each of the characters was first drawn in a neutral pose that can be easily adapted to different situations by adding props and backgrounds. This means each page of the document can be illustrated with an appropriate image without the need to draw a brand new bespoke illustration each time.

Click here to see the illustrations in use in the interactive PDF induction pack