I come from a fine art background, which gives me a wider skillset and outlook to add to the professional skills I have developed as a designer and illustrator. At University I initially specialised in painting, before moving on to traditional and digitally manipulated photography, which is where I first laid hands on Photoshop. (Although at the time I used it primarily as a stitching, gluing, painting and airbrushing tool.)

Immediately after University I temped in various fields – most interesting of which was as PA/researcher for an incubator for high tech and biotech start-ups – while carrying on painting and drawing for my own pleasure. However I soon realised that I would be most fulfilled in a full time creative position, and set about making that happen.

When I realised I needed more design experience, I started my own freelance company, building my own client base, as well as working in-house for bigger agencies. During this time I was always fully client facing, travelling across the country to pitch to marketing managers and MDs. I also learned to be highly adaptable, to think creatively and develop practical solutions with whatever was available, and to pick up new skills extremely quickly.

Right from the start I have been accustomed to seeing a job through from initial concepts to final artwork. Working at CDS in particular has been an extremely thorough grounding in traditional design and typesetting disciplines, as the company operates to very high quality and accessibility standards.

During recent restructuring I have been covering for the senior designer in his absence from the main studio, and have relished the opportunity to take on more of a managerial role. I am now looking to expand my horizons and take on a more challenging and creative role at the heart of the London design industry.

In my own time, I write short stories, with some longer works in progress, including a collaborative graphic novel. I was script-writer and director for an online theatre troupe. I teach painting and sketching (my pupil recently graduated her foundation course with a distinction, and is now studying illustration full time). I am fascinated by mathematics and quantum physics and follow the latest developments. I'm also interested in neurology, specifically human reaction to visual stimuli and symbology, and would possibly be interested in pursuing further professional development study in this area, some time in the future.

I'm also learning to snowboard, and am currently on a very slow and bruise-filled learning curve, but loving every minute. Above all right now, I enjoy exploring London with camera, notebook, sketchbook, or just wandering – the city inspires me.

Download a PDF of my full CV: