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The 'CDS family' characters and marketing materials

CDS (2010)

Brief: CDS is split into six divisions, each identified by a colour in the CPI ident. Create a character for each of these divisions, to be used singly and collectively on marketing and promotional materials

The company wanted to put a slightly more human face on its very corporate persona. However while the request was that the characters be 'offbeat' and 'funky', they still had to be kept relatively restrained, and very upbeat.

Each character is associated with one division, and is dressed primarily in the colour linked to that division (eg blue – print, orange – design). However they all carry some hint of the other five colours to represent the fact that CDS is an integrated agency.

The first public appearance of the characters came on the 2011 CDS calendar, which is proving extremely popular with clients. There are plans to use them on welcome banners, marketing brochures and other promotional materials.