Waterways Ireland publication branding

Publication branding, themes and guidelines

Waterways Ireland
(CDS, 2011)

Brief: Create a new look and feel for all Waterways Ireland publications. The four different publication types (corporate, promotional, navigation and product) must all have their own unique identity, but together must form a unified collection. To include design guidelines and templates.

All four publication types share key design features: page margins, the positioning of the logo and the title, and the use of a nature-inspired 'creative shape' to frame the cover image.

Each publication type is marked out by its own unique colour palette (silver and golds, earthtones, blues, purples), its own unique creative shape (the bridge, the hull, the swan, the sail), and its own unique line style. These textured lines are used in the inner pages to edge the page headers, creating consistency with the cover.

Guidelines and templates are available for many standard sized publications (A4 portrait and landscape, A3, DL) as well as some unique bespoke formats.