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Illustration suite and branding strips

(CDS, 2009)

Brief: Create a branding strip, showing he procurement process from start to finish, using a mixture of original illustration and architectural photography.

ProCure21+ procures construction work from private firms on behalf of the NHS. The illustrations used in the strip are part of a much larger set, showing people engaged in different stages of the procurement process from initial consultation to handover and full medical use of the facilities.

The intention is that ProCure21+ branded materials will always include some illustration, in order to clearly differentiate + from its predecessor ProCure21, which only ever used photography. This is especially important as both the names and logos are very similar.

The illustrations also solve many problems caused by relying on photography (patient confidentiality, lack of suitable images mid-build, avoiding favouring any one NHS trust or contractor.) However, once a build is complete, impressive architectural photography is usually available, so the illustrations are also designed to integrate with and complement this.

The full branding strip shows illustrations of each of the four key stages in the procurement process, connected by some of the best photography available at the time. It appears on the new website, and on all exhibition stands and other marketing materials. It can also be broken down into the separate stages, as required.

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