Venture Out logos

Venture out branding
main and sub-logos

Northamptonshire County Council
(CDS, 2010)

Brief: Create a logo for the main Venture Out brand, and three complementary logos for the Venture Out Venues. Each must work as a stand alone logo, but must also co-brand with the main logo.

The three venues that fall under the Venture Out brand are very different. Longtown is a climbing, pot-holing and biking outward-bound centre, Grendon Hall is an elegant house and grounds used for weddings and conferences, and The Everdon Experience is a nature reserve with special education facilities for children.

Creating a simple graphic for each, based on a curve of increasing or decreasing dots. means that all three are unified in appearance. Each graphic can then be as representative as possible of each specific venue and can appeal to its particular audience.

The overall Venture Out brand uses the spot motif to form an inverted V, which evokes a path, a leap, or a mountain. The curve is reversed, and the graphic element of the logo sits on the opposite side of the name. This means the main and sub logos can easily be combined together when co-branding is required.