Middlesex University branding

Complete visual identity and full guidelines

Middlesex University
(CDS, 2011)

Brief: Create and document a fresh visual identity for Middlesex University. Unify all the disparate sub-brands, ensuring a clear overall identity. However this branding must still be flexible enough to allow a range of distinct publication types for different target audiences. Document all applications of the brand and provide templates.

The key to the design is splitting the design space into a protected clear zone, in which the logo sits, and a ‘creative area’ beneath, separated by a real or suggested horizon line. The creative area is further subdivided into four horizontal bands, which provide a basic frame that can be used precisely or creatively interpreted.

Specific publication types follow their own set of unique rules (a white frame for business-focussed, a red horizon line for corporate). Special one-off publications (eg exhibition catalogues) have the greatest creative freedom.

The introduction of a 'landscape' version of the logo to work alongside the original 'portrait' one gives greater flexibility to the brand. It also allows more uniform branding of campuses, schools and other and sub-entities.

The final 80-page branding document covers all applications of the visual identity for a complete range of end products, from internal memos to major campaigns, all supported by a full suite of design templates.